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CNC-controlled multi-axis multi-operation machines – including several robotic cells for flexibility.

Purchase of - Aluminium profiles

Together with you as a customer, we can design and optimize the profile geometry and secure tolerances. We also buy other material such as castings and steel.


Punching is a cost-effective way to process aluminum profiles for design and tolerances.


We have different types of cutting-machines where we perform both manual cutting and automatic robotic cutting.


We offer manual/automatic deburring, brushing and tumbling.


We offer welding through various methods. Most aluminum alloys can be welded by our subsuppliers.


We offer tensile bending, stretch bending, roll bending and press bending with help from our subsuppliers, and also inhouse when the volumes are high.

Purchase of - Painting

We offer powder and wet painting, both before and after fabrication- depending on customer requirement finished component.

Purchase of -Anodizing

Anodized profiles fit in a variety of architectural and decorative contexts with a durable surface - Supplied before or after fabrication - depending on customer requirement finished component.


We carry out complete installations of e.g. fuel distribution pipe, where all the included items are mounted.