Aluminum punching

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Aluminum profiles can be machined efficiently and cheaply using punching. The most crucial step in achieving an optimal punching in a cost-effective manner is to sit down with us early on and discuss profile design, machining tolerances, and functionally crucial parameters. This will result in the most affordable design for your product.

Cutting tools are typically used for punching in the eccentric press. We frequently automate hydraulic punching in a robotcell when the quantities are high. Punch, puller, and pad are the three components of a punching instrument, although you can also use tough scrapers. Punch and pad have a clearance, and the longer the blank zone is in the hole, the tighter the pad must be. The hole’s diameter is always accurate in the blank zone, but there is always a blast zone that occupies around two thirds of the hole. If the volumes are high, punching can actually be less expensive overall than CNC machining.