Bending aluminum

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The same tools used to bend other metals can be used to bend aluminum profiles. While bending can be done in a hardened state for big radii, you typically bend in a soft annealed or T4 state for small radii (semi-cured). It is possible to anneal to full vigor after bending.

If requirements are established for a completely anodizing layer without fractures, bending should occur prior to anodizing. You should consider that the profile will be bent even as you are building it. You should avoid producing too many series while working with greater volumes and material in T4 state because there is a chance that the material will remain and then self-cure.

We offer this by using a subsupplier.

The most typical methods for bending:

  • Tensile bending
  • Stretch bending
  • Roll bending
  • Press bending