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There are 3 extrusion presses at Hydal Group. They’re all in Norway’s Raufoss. These three presses each have a maximum press force of 1200 tons, 2200 tons, and 7000 tons. The largest press in the Northern region is the one with a press force of 7000 tons. Aluminum profiles with total weight between 80 grams and 30 kg/meter can be extruded.

We  also purchase aluminum profiles from other outside vendors of aluminum profiles. As a result, each profile shape is optimized for quality, mechanical qualities, and pricing while also allowing us to offer inventory. This enables us to provide you as a consumer with very affordable costs.

In collaboration with you, the customer, we can create and optimize profile geometry, achieve extrudability, ensure tolerances, and optimize the profile section for subsequent processing. We can guarantee the quality of the final product if we work together early on, which lowers the overall cost of your product.