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EHS (Environment, Health, Safety)

We are certificated according to ISO 14001:2015.

A conscious focus from management is to create an attractive workplace that is sustainable from an environmental perspective and is also a safe workplace for our employees. We do this by:

  • Meet requirements according to ISO14001:2015 and national and local environmental laws
  • Work closely with the  occupational health care engineers
  • Work towards a certification according to ISO45001:2018
  • Engage and involve the staff in the i EHS work

We are very proud to say that our facility, Hydal Components AB in Vetlanda, is a landfill-free business. We are energy conscious and have replaced existing lighting for low energy LED lighting.

An ecological holistic view

Our business is based on an ecological holistic approach that extends from the breaking of bauxite until the recycling. This approach characterizes the entire production chain and involves responsibility and commitment to gentle production of raw materials, reduced environmental emissions and more efficient energy use.


We are going to make constant improvements and preventive measures to reduce the environmental impact from our production.

Hydal Components AB works with further processing of aluminum profiles by cutting, punching and CNC machining.

Our environmental impact mainly consists of:

  • Electricity consumption
  • Aluminum scrap for remelting 

Hydal Components AB strives to:

  • Comply with applicable laws and requirements
  • Reduce our energy consumption and use green electricity
  • Reduce our rejection by improving our processes
  • Have a high environmental awareness among our staff
  • Use as much as possible products that have little environmental impact