Punching is a cost-effective way to machine aluminum profiles. The most important thing to achieve an optimal punching in a cost-effective way, is that in an early stage sit down together with us and discuss profile design, machining tolerances and dimensions that are important for function. This is to bring together the most cost-effective layout for your product.

Punching is normally performed in the eccentric press with cutting tools.  When the volumes are large we often automate hydraulic punching in a robotcell. A punching tool is made up of punch, puller and pad, but you can also have resilient scrapers. There is a clearance between punch and pad and the tighter the pad is, the longer the blank zone is in the hole. There is always a blast zone of about 2/3 of the hole, but the hole diameter in the blank zone is always right. If the volumes are large, it may be a total lower cost to punch than to machine with CNC.