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We do what we say

- we deliver world class processing

An acknowledgement of this is our long term cooperation with the very largest customers in the automotive and electronic business, two segments where the quality requirements are very high. This includes both complicated CNC machining, assembling and leakage tests, where there are high  requirements on the articles.

Lego processing as well as total supplier

Our absolute strength is that we can offer you as a customer partly pure lego processing of your parts, but we can just as well be a total supplier of aluminum, steel or cast aluminium components with construction & design. Through the Hydal Group, as we are a part of, we also have access to both extrusion, anodizing and painting. We have a network of subcontractors that perform subcontracting for us when we need it, for example bending and welding. We have the possibility to buy aluminum profiles internally within Hydal Group, but also from external aluminum profile suppliers. This results in optimization of each profile geometry, both in terms of quality, mechanical properties and price picture, and that we can also provide storage. This means that we can offer very competitive prices to you as a customer.

We combine our task as a supplier with the role of active collaboration partner in terms of design, product development and construction of competitive system and product solutions in aluminium or steel. We have complete resources to deliver your profile component in exact design, shape and size to suit your final product.

Our production facility

Hydal Components AB is a production facility where we can produce the simplest and most complex articles. We are located in an industrial building of 5 000 sqm in Vetlanda in the middle of Småland, an area with a long tradition of industrial activity in Sweden. Our modern and advanced machinery for further processing includes among others, CNC-controlled, multi-axis, multi-operation machines – special machines that allow for rational machining with high precision and narrow tolerances. We are investing in high automation, ranging from low volume to high volume.

Hydal Group

Hydal Components AB is acting as a separate company but is also a part of Hydal Group consisting of three companies specializing in development, construction, processing and manufacturing of profiles, components and products in aluminum.

Hydal Group consists of two production units, one in Vetlanda, Sweden (Hydal Components AB) with a total area of 5 000 m2 and one in Raufoss, Norway, Raufoss Aluminium, with a total area of  29 000 m2.

The Hydal Group also includes Hytrans which supplies profile systems and product solutions in aluminum for the transport and bodybuilding industry.