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We are machining parts in aluminium and steel, also castings. 

We have a variety of cutting-edge, modern machines for long-length machining, including CNC controlled multiaxial multi-operation machines. Hydal employs the most cutting-edge techniques and technology in both conventional and specialized equipment, enabling rational machining with extremely tight tolerances. High automation is something we are investing in at all volume levels.

Compared to steel, aluminum may be machined at a faster cutting speed. The ratio between fixtures, tensioning, tools, cooling, and lubrication, in addition to the alloy or condition, affects how easily aluminum may be machined. Hydal is an expert in CNC machining; using both generic and client-specific CNC fixtures, we optimize milling, drilling, and threading.

The most crucial step in achieving optimal machining in a cost-effective manner is to get down with us early on and talk about profile design, machining tolerances, and functionally crucial dimensions.

This is so that we can find the most economical and reliable arrangement for your goods together.