Successful completion for Hydal on Phase 1 in Produktionslyftet!

” – Hydal has really put together the whole of how everything is connected for future phases”. This is what Christian Silvasti says at Produktionslyftet. Read more about this here on Produktionslyftet´s website:

Inspirera genom att gå före och visa vägen

Hydal Aluminium Profiler AB participates for 18 months in the Development Program from Produktionslyftet.

Produktionslyftet’s proven program aims to develop the company’s inherent ability to renew itself and improve its competitiveness – all based on the company’s own strengths and values. All employees at the company become involved. In the Development Program, coaching and workshops are conducted at the company every two weeks, the last six months every four weeks. When needed, an expert with different competencies from Produktionslyftet participates. All based on Lean.